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KUJSS 2018 (Vol.13) No.2

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The Outer Cover of Journal no. 2 Vol. 13 Year 2018 الغلاف الخارجي للمجلة العدد 2 المجلد 13 لسنة 2018 30
Inner Cover and Editorial Board No. 2 Vol. 13 Year 2018 Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies 25
الغلاف الداخلي وهيئة التحرير عربي العدد 2 المجلد 13 لسنة 2018 مجلة جامعة كركوك/ الدراسات العلمية 20
Content 2018 no. 2 المــحتويات 29
GSM Interaction Based Real Time Climate Change Monitoring Technique Sarmad Nozad Mahmood 19
Palynofacies Analysis and Hydrocarbon Generation Potential of the Tithonian-Beriassian Chia Gara Formation from Selected Wells in Ajil, Hamrin, and Tikrit Oilfields, Northern Iraq Dler H. Baban, Sabah A. Ismael, Pavel T. Al-Jabary 17
Investigation of Carrier Persons of Salmonella Typhi in Cholelithiasis Patients in Kirkuk Province Khelowd Ayad Majeed,Bashar Sadeq Noomi 15
Analysis of CFRP Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams under Monotonic and Cyclic Loads Dler Abdullah Omar Al-Mamany 10
Automatic Enrollment System for Student Dormitory Kamal Hasan Jihad 15
Geo-Environmental Evaluation of Shewasoor Soil, Kirkuk/ NE Iraq Omer S. I. Al-Tamimi, Mustafa J. A. Ali 15
Four–Term Conjugate Gradient (CG) Method Based on Pure Conjugacy Condition for Unconstrained Optimization Hawraz N. Jabbar, Khalil K. Abo,Hisham. M. Azzam 22
Bulk Etch Rate and the Activation Energy of the CR-39 Detector using Thickness Difference Method Saeed H. Saeed Al-Niaemi, Abrar K. Mustafa Al-Ramadhni 16
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Dust on Moncrystalline Photovoltaic Module Performance in Kirkuk, Iraq Mohammed Zaki Abdulazeez 21
Determination of Some Biochemical Parameters of Patients with Hepatitis B in Kirkuk City Nawal A. Al- Madany, Entedhar R. Sarhat 13
Synthesis and Characterization of Some Bis-1,3 Oxazepine - 4,7- dione and 1, 3 – Diazepine -4,7- dioneDerivatives Saad Salim Jasim 14
Application of Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy Technique at Room Temperature 300K. Hussein Ali Mohammed 23
Synthesis of Some Unsaturated Quinoline Derivatives Natiq G. Ahmad, Neam H. Saleem, Moayed J. Mohammed 22
Assessment of Drinking Water Qualityin Mosul University by Using WQI Model Abdalaziz Y. T. Alsaffawi ,M. A. Abdulhafedh, M. K. AL-Taay 15
Effect of Using Different Compensation of Growth Regulators on Hypocotyls Callus Intiation and Differentiate ofMedicago Sativa Raghad Nawaf Al-zaidy, Abdullah Najim Abdullah Al-niemi, Najwa Ibraheem Khalil Al-Barhawi 17
Studying of Metal elements, Urea and Creatinine in Cerebrospinal Fluid for Children with Hydrocephalus Patients Luay Abed Al-Helaly, Sayran Sattar Saleh, Lelas Farhan Bdaiwi 12
Study of Pollution in Heavy Metals and Some Physico-Chemical Variables of Wastes Water from Kirkuk City Hospitals Theiab.G. Hussein, Kameran.Sh.Hussein, Abdullah.S.Kazael, Sarhan. A.salman 16
Spectrophotometric Determination Atenolol in Pharmaceutical Preparation by Schiff’s Base Formation Raghad A. dehema 15
Determination of SomeHeavy Metals Concentrations in Industrial Waste Water of Soft Drink Plants and Reduction of Their Percentage by the Chelating Ligands. Khairullah M. Abdullah, Saleh Abdullah Ahmed, Kmeran Shukur Hussein 13
Inhibiting of C --steelL80 Corrosion by Using of Polyacrylamide and Thiophene -2- Carboxaldehyde Muthar J. K. Al-Obaidi,Farah Kh. H. Al-Juboory 12
Estimate of Some Genetic Parameters by Factorial Analysis of Quantitative Traits in Maiz Zea mays L Yaser H. Homadia 16
Synthesis and Identification of Phenyl Azochalcone & bis- azo – Chalcone Derivatives Derived from P-amino Acetophenone Ahmed Abdul-Hassan, Nihad Ismael Taha, Zahraa Talib Ghlib 20
MonitoringLand Use Changes in Mosul CityGateways(Erbil andRabiaa)anditsEnvironmentalEffectsUsing Remote Sensing Data Sally H. E. Al-Hamadani,Hekmat S. AL-Daghastani 19
Study the Effect or the Evaluate of the Addition of Ground Apple Powder as a Catalyst for the Bio-Enhancement of Natural Packed Carrot Juice. Mazin Muhammed AL-Zwbaidy, Ibrahim Saleh AL-Juboury, Muhammed Yakob AL-Juboury 18
Histopathological Effect of Some Gram Negative Bacteria on Intestinal Mucosa of Suckling Mice. Sundus M. Tayfur, Faeza Nasir Tuma 16
Synthesis and Identification of Heterocyclic Compounds Derived from Ciprofloxacin Shaima Ibraheem Chyad AL-khazraji 18
Geotechnical Assessment of compact gravel of the Tuz–Chai River / Salahaddin Governorate / Iraq. Raad Jalal Fathi 16




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