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The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kirkuk held a scientific lecture on the sight of the ear and the latest international scientific developments in this regard, in the presence of a number of professors and specialists
The lecture aimed at explaining the uses of the Nador device in diagnosing and conducting surgical procedures of the external and central ear, and clarifying the types of operations performed by the nador in the ear and its steps accurately, with emphasis on future development to perform ear operations in all our hospitals.


The Master Thesis at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kirkuk discussed a scientific study on the properties of the nucleotide enzyme in Iraqi Leishmania, the student Noor Khalaf Ibrahim.
Her thesis included highlighting the chemical properties of nucleotide enzyme, the role of the enzyme in undermining the nitrogen bases, purification of the enzyme from the chemical and biochemical leishmania, and the importance of the enzyme as a potential target for chemical treatment.
The study concluded that the enzyme was present in the plasma membrane deposition fragments, the enzyme was filtered using the chromatography technique for the gel filtration, and the molecular weight of the enzyme was determined.
The researcher recommended the use of secrete and non-secrete migration techniques to determine the total molecular weight and the number of nucleotide-forming secondary units. A study was conducted using electronic erasure to show the enzymatic activity of nucleotides on the outer surface of the plasmodium membrane in bromascut leishmaniasis.

A Master Thesis at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kirkuk discussed a study on the effect of alopurinol derivatives on the growth and metabolism of Iraqi Leishmania parasite student Marwa Abdel-Karim Bakr.
The thesis included the test of the efficacy of alopurinol on the visceral leishmaniasis and the feasibility of its mechanism of action by studying its effect on the content of this parasite of proteins and nucleic acids, as well as its effect on some of the basic enzymes in the processes of nucleo tides production.
The study concluded the effectiveness of the effect of alopurinol and its derivatives on the growth of lemishmanium bromocycotate and low concentrations, which will be integrated into nucleic acids and impede the building of proteins, which will stop the growth and reproduction of parasites.
The study recommended the study of the effect of leopiorinol and its derivatives on the growth of the amyticotite stage of leishmaniasis parasites in laboratory animals, study the morphological changes that may be obtained for the organic composition of these parasites using electronic microscopy and study the effect of alopurinol and its derivatives on the effect of enzymes that stimulate the pathway of biosynthesis.

I discussed a master's thesis in the Faculty of Science at the University of Kirkuk, entitled Geological Engineering Evaluation of Unstable Cliffs on the Road of Bazian - Jamie Rizan for student Mahmoud Zaki Abdul Qader.
The thesis included the geological study of the area and the location of landslides, and the work of the map of the planning of the study area and determine trends, and the study of the composition of the joints and classification and analysis of the trend of them, and description of rock slopes and determine the systems and nature of landslides.
The study concluded that the main trend of the lines coincided with the main trend of the joints, the mismatch of the secondary trend of the lines with the secondary trend of the intervals. Geological geological analyzes also revealed that weathering and erosion were the main causes of rock collapse in most study stations
The researcher recommended conducting a geophysical study to determine the patterns and trends of the sub-surface fractures to confirm the results of the directional comparison of the lines with the joints of the study area, and to perform the engineering treatments in some of the more stations in the occurrence of landslides, which move the rock masses to the public road leading to the closure of the road.

The President of the University presented the delegation with a detailed explanation, including the definition of the university and academic specialties offered to students, and its role in advancing the educational process in Iraq and its position at the regional and Arab levels and obtaining advanced ranks in global assessments.
For his part, the delegation expressed its admiration and appreciation for all the efforts made by the university president to receive the displaced students from the other Iraqi universities, which witnessed their military operations against criminal gangs, indicating their readiness to close the horizons of cooperation and scientific exchange between the University of Kirkuk and the Dutch universities. Kirkuk and the vision of the great development achieved.

Assistant Professor Dr. Karim Saeed Al-Obaidi Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kirkuk,


Participated in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Basra in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Basra.

A researcher at the University of Kirkuk published scientific research in the journal Scientific Reports, ranked Q1 in Springer Nature SJR = 1.533 K, which is part of the Scopus Index and Thomson Reuters Index.

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- The door of the ancient fortress of Kirkuk inscribed with the Holy verse) and tell my Lord Zdni note (bold font Diwani).
- The oil tower symbolizes the extraction of natural wealth (oil) from the ground, which is characterized by the province of Kirkuk.
- The sun signifies the light of science in the city of black gold. - An open and engraved book under the title of the University of Kirkuk, in Arabic and English, the book symbolizes science.
- The university is one of the formations of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and History, which symbolizes the foundation year of the university in 2003 AD (1424 AH).

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