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The Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Kirkuk organized a scientific symposium on the use of social networking sites between freedom of expression and legal accountability,

The Department of Geography at the Faculty of Education for Human Sciences at Kirkuk University organized a scientific lecture on earthquakes and factors affecting their occurrence with the participation of researchers and specialists from the faculties of the university,

In cooperation with the University of Sulaymaniyah, the Faculty of Arts at the University of Sulaimaniyah organized a scientific symposium on "Civilizational Ethics,

A Master Thesis at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kirkuk discussed a study on the validity of the Anjana composition of the production of compacted clay blocks installed in selected areas of northeastern Kirkuk / Iraq.

A Master Thesis at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kirkuk discussed a study of the serological study of the human cell amplifier virus in patients with thalassemia and blood donors and its relationship with interleukin-6.The study by Nishtiman Ali Abbas included the investigation of the cytotoxic virus among patients with anemia (Mediterranean) and blood donors and its relationship with interleukin-6.
The study concluded that the prevalence of CMV was higher among thalassemia patients than blood donors, and showed a significant difference in the use of elisa technique, and an increase in il6 was noted among patients with CMVThe researcher recommended the need for further studies and techniques of the latest and use of elisa technique in the investigation of the virus cmv.nyshtam01

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Kirkuk held a scientific lecture on the profession of veterinary medicine between reality and ambition and the veterinarian,

The President of the University of Kirkuk opened a good bazaar to help poor and needy families in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) of the United Nations in the presence of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Education for Human Sciences,

Under the patronage and presence of the President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi, the Faculty of Engineering / Electronic Engineering Department in cooperation with the Center for Electronic Computing at the University of Kirkuk organized a workshop on virtual classrooms within the Google Education Platform in the presence and participation of a number of deans, teachers, specialists and students.
The lecture by teacher Mohamed Zaki Abdul Aziz discussed the importance of using teaching and learning tools that are designed to enhance the learning experience of students using computers, smart phones and the Internet in the learning process, and is one of the modern means of managing classrooms outside the classrooms using modern technologies in education.
The researcher pointed out that Google has launched its own educational system to add to the educational arena a distinct option in the process of e-learning, and Google's system is easy to use and it is available in many languages, including the Arabic language.
The workshop aimed to demonstrate the importance of providing a new educational system for all students and teachers with a free email in Gmail ending with a domain name
University or educational institution such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The system also provides large space for all students to use the various Google Drive services.


Muhannad Hamad Ahmad Abdul Razzaq Al-Jubouri teaches at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Kirkuk. He received his doctorate in law from Strathclyde University in Glasgow. His dissertation includes a scientific study on the formation of electronic commerce contract and its impact on traditional Iraqi commercial contracts.
The thesis discussed a comparative analysis between three laws, Iraqi law, Islamic jurisprudence and English law, in order to benefit from the amendment of Iraqi law in line with the practical reality of modern and advanced laws.
 The thesis dealt with a scientific study on the contract of sale, which is done by electronic means, such as e-mail, websites, mobile devices and applications such as Faiber, Wassab and other modern means of communication, and if they exist, what alternative solution can be adopted in these cases, as well as identify important views that did not care legislator Iraqi Law in the case of the Iraqi Civil Code No. (40) for the year 1951 or the law of electronic signature and electronic transactions of Iraq No. (79) for the year 2012.
The researcher aims at finding out how the electronic devices work in their internal parts, in order to identify what they offer and what they can offer. This will achieve greater accuracy in determining the moment of conclusion of the electronic contract, which is the problem of the study.

Dr. Salwa Ahmed published a study titled "DIGITAL DRUG EXAMINES UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW" in the National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts Herald
The study tackled a scientific study on the emergence of a number of assassinations of scientists and thinkers in electronic matters,

Sponsored by Abbas Hassan Taqi, President of the University of Kirkuk, the Faculty of Engineering held a scientific lecture on the interest in the nutrition and health of the community promote the concepts of the environment, in the presence of a number of specialized researchers and students.

A Master's thesis on "Short Disappearance under Public International Law" was discussed at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Kirkuk.
The message of student Raad Awad Khalaf, which was attended by the President of the University, Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi, Assistant to the President of the University for Scientific Affairs Saad Aloun Hassan and administrative d. Omar Najmuddin Enja, extensive discussions of the Scientific Committee.raad awad02

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- The door of the ancient fortress of Kirkuk inscribed with the Holy verse) and tell my Lord Zdni note (bold font Diwani).
- The oil tower symbolizes the extraction of natural wealth (oil) from the ground, which is characterized by the province of Kirkuk.
- The sun signifies the light of science in the city of black gold. - An open and engraved book under the title of the University of Kirkuk, in Arabic and English, the book symbolizes science.
- The university is one of the formations of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and History, which symbolizes the foundation year of the university in 2003 AD (1424 AH).

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