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The Assistant of the President of the University of Kirkuk for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Omar Najmuddin, held a regular meeting with the staff of the Human Resources Department to discuss some of the rationales that would raise the level of job performance to serve the wheel of scientific progress in the university.

The Rehabilitation and Employment Division at the University of Kirkuk participated in the first International Conference on Manpower Development organized by the Department of Studies,

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Kirkuk, Prof. Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi.

Dr. Omar Najmuddin Angha, Assistant Professor of Kirkuk University for Administrative Affairs, participated in two scientific researches at the scientific conference, one with the President of the University, where the University of Kirkuk was established and its active participation in the scientific conference held by the World Academy for Converting Religions and Schools at Nahrain University on 18/11.

The Office of Security Permits at the University of Kirkuk organized an awareness and guidance seminar on the fight against drugs and its dangers in society,

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Kirkuk Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior / Rumors Section,

Under the patronage of the President of the University, Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi, the University of Kirkuk, in cooperation with the Fulbright Program for Foreign Students, organized a workshop on the mechanisms of submission and competition for the year 2019-2021 with the aim of increasing international educational exchange between Americans and citizens in more than 150 countries. Administrative Affairs Omar Najmuddin Anga.
The workshop discussed the Fulbright program for young Iraqi students and professionals as an opportunity to pursue graduate studies in the United States. Tuition and fees; book and equipment, travel allowance, monthly salary for the room and food, as well as health insurance for emergencies.
It can also be applied to most areas of study, including humanities, social sciences, science, technology and engineering. However, it is not permitted to apply for master's programs related to clinical studies, such as medicine and nursing.
Participants will be selected through open and merit-based competition, which takes into account all leadership potential, academic excellence and adaptability to life in the United States.


Dr. Saad Attia Hamad taught at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Kirkuk on the Master Thesis student Qahtan Askar Baqer, at the Islamic University of Lebanon, for his letter marked administrative estimate of income tax in the Lebanese and Iraqi lawsDr. Saad Al-Attiyah, the supervisor of the letter, said: "The subject of the thesis is one of the most important issues, since taxes have become the lifeblood of countries in general - even those countries that depend on the rent economy / our country, for example. The financial resource generated by taxes is sufficient to finance the public expenditure of the state, We at the exhibition talk about the administrative assessment of the tax, we are in front of an urgent need for comprehensive tax reform begins with the tax assessment through collection and collect the charges of those charged with it.The student received a master's degree in the field of general law - financial law. Very good grade and high 85%.


A committee from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research visited the Directorate of Interior Departments at the University of Kirkuk.


The President of Kirkuk University Dr.Abbas Hassan Taqi, accompanied by Scientific Assistant Saad Alwan Hassan, the implementation of a large campaign for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the internal departments in the university ready for the new academic year.


The President of the University of Kirkuk Dr. Abbas Hassan and accompanied by Administrative Assistant. Dr.. Omar Najmuddin Engha, Faculty of Nursing and Education for pure science in order to stand on the exams of the second round of the current academic year and learn about the most important obstacles facing them.


The Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Saad Alwan Hassan, held a meeting with the Director of Registration and Student Affairs at the University on the mechanisms of submission on the channel of acceptance of the elite.

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- The door of the ancient fortress of Kirkuk inscribed with the Holy verse) and tell my Lord Zdni note (bold font Diwani).
- The oil tower symbolizes the extraction of natural wealth (oil) from the ground, which is characterized by the province of Kirkuk.
- The sun signifies the light of science in the city of black gold. - An open and engraved book under the title of the University of Kirkuk, in Arabic and English, the book symbolizes science.
- The university is one of the formations of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and History, which symbolizes the foundation year of the university in 2003 AD (1424 AH).

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