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Scientific lecture at the Faculty of Medicine on vitamin D deficiency in the human body

18 November 2019
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The Faculty of Medicine, University of Kirkuk, organized a scientific lecture on vitamin D deficiency and its effect on body functions, which was delivered by Dr. Asaad Mubarak Jabbar in the presence of lecturers.

The lecture included several sources including vitamin sources and its effect on cell functions in the human body. Vitamin A substance produced from the skin and the impact of sunlight on it and helps to maintain the proportion of calcium in the body as well as bone health and increases the body's immunity against infections in general and the fight against cancer cells. The lecture aims at introducing the attendees to ways to prevent vitamin deficiency, how to treat it and what medical procedures should be taken when there is a lack of vitamin, and the importance of periodic review rather than examinations by a specialist to avoid infection.vitameen02

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