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The University of Kirkuk is hosting the first cultural week of the holy Husseiniya threshold

24 March 2019
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Under the auspices of the President of the University of Kirkuk, Prof. Dr. Hassan Taqi under the banner of science and knowledge rise in Iraq,

the University of Kirkuk embraced the events of the first cultural week organized by the General Secretariat of the threshold of Husseiniya holy in cooperation with the Presidency of the University, in the presence of Kirkuk Governor Mr. Rakan Said Jubouri, General of the University of Kirkuk, Brig. Gen. Saad Ali Al-Harbi, Assistant to Kirkuk Police Commander Major General Ali Mutashar, Assistant to the President of the University for Scientific Affairs AD Saad Alwan Hassan, Administrative Assistant A. Omar Najmuddin Najah and a number of security leaders in the Armed Forces, Religion and active figures in the province.
The President of the University in the opening of the festival addressed the role of the University of Kirkuk in enhancing the cultural reality in Kirkuk province, in line with the cultural and human heritage of our dear country and its role in the history of humanity, the cradle of civilization and the source of culture for the whole world. Coexistence and brotherhood among the Sons of Iraq.The inauguration of the festival included a speech by the Governor of Kirkuk, in which he praised the role of the University of Kirkuk and its humanitarian attitudes towards the people of the province and other governorates that have suffered from the scourge of terrorism over the past years by hosting thousands of students from seven Iraqi universities.For his part, the commander of joint operations in Kirkuk in his speech on the importance of preserving the concepts of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence and its role in promoting the cultural and scientific aspect in the community, and unite the efforts of the people of the province to strengthen the security and scientific and cultural reality in the province of Kirkuk dear to achieve a good life and security and safety for all.The representative of the General Secretariat of the Holy Husseiniya threshold said that the threshold since its establishment supports the efforts exerted to achieve various educational, cultural and urban projects in the beloved Iraq, pointing out that it focuses on spreading the principles of the Muhammadiyah message and the school of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) .The first day of the festival included the opening of art exhibitions and exhibitions for books and photographs. The rest of the days of the conference will include several research sessions, field visits and various cultural events.3ataba01

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- The door of the ancient fortress of Kirkuk inscribed with the Holy verse) and tell my Lord Zdni note (bold font Diwani).
- The oil tower symbolizes the extraction of natural wealth (oil) from the ground, which is characterized by the province of Kirkuk.
- The sun signifies the light of science in the city of black gold. - An open and engraved book under the title of the University of Kirkuk, in Arabic and English, the book symbolizes science.
- The university is one of the formations of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and History, which symbolizes the foundation year of the university in 2003 AD (1424 AH).

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