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The University of Kirkuk is studying the mechanisms of applying the vocabulary of the course system

12 March 2019
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The Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs and Chairman of the Central Committee for the Course System Assistant Professor Dr. Saad Alwan Hassan held a meeting to study the mechanisms of applying the system of courses in all faculties.

At the meeting, the scientific assistant discussed the preparations and steps to start implementing the program by creating a unified picture of the syllabus and preparing a comprehensive study plan for the application of the system, which starts from the development of daily schedules and examination schedules to the symbols of the students. And its importance in providing students with the opportunity to choose optional courses, prepare summer courses, work on the system of courses, obstacles that can be faced and successful solutions.

During the meeting, a number of issues were discussed and the proposals were submitted by the heads of the departments, as all the faculties were informed of what was adopted at the meeting regarding the requirements of the university, which includes the subject of human rights, Arabic language, democracy, English language and computer. The privacy of the university or the choice of two articles only to achieve four units and that the electives are equal.The assistant recommended preparing cards for students in different colors from the evening students, provided that all faculties are the same color and instructing the media and public relations department to bring in their own models, and assigning the appointed professors to oversee the application of the course system in the different colleges.


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