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Master Thesis at the University of Kirkuk discusses a scientific study on gingivitis in people with diabetes

20 December 2018
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The Master Thesis at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kirkuk discussed a scientific study on the bacterial and immunological study of gingivitis in patients with diabetes Marwa Jassim Mohammed.

The study included isolating and diagnosing the bacteria causing gingivitis, studying the sensitivity of the isolated bacteria to antibiotics, comparing the numbers and types of bacteria in the group of periodontitis only and the group of gingivitis and diabetes together, and the division of some of the variables, such as the total number of white blood cells.The researchers concluded that the most common bacteria causing gingivitis is the sex of Streptococcus, which lead blood groups played an important role in the infection of gums, as it was observed high total number of white blood cells, and high level of cholesterol.The researcher recommended isolating and diagnosing anaerobic bacteria causing gingivitis, studying the immune variables in the salivary fluid, and studying the relationship of vitamin D levels with inflammation of the gums.marwa jassim

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