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Master's Thesis at the University of Kirkuk The Geochemistry and Rocky Structure of the Giacara (Tethunian-Persian) and Its Efficiency in Generating Hydrocarbons from Selected Surface and Sub-Surface Sections in Northern Iraq

09 May 2018
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A master's thesis in the Faculty of Science at the University of Kirkuk investigated the geochemical and rock composition of Giacara (Tethunian-Persian) and its efficiency in the generation of hydrocarbons from selected surface and subsurface sections of northern Iraq for student Pavel Tariq Hassan.

The study included studying the geochemical properties of Giacara formation and its reflection on its properties as a source of hydrocarbons and determining its current status in terms of its ability to generate oil or gas in the study area.

The study found that calcite minerals are the most common in limestone models, and three main types of limestone were identified. The study also showed the possibility of generating oil and gas in most parts of the formation.
The researcher recommended the importance of increasing the number of models studied in the study area depending on the thickness of the composition of the contribution to the knowledge of the exact match in the composition specifications in terms of rock source and conduct tests with modern techniques for evaluation.

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