Central Library


   The Central Library Department is one of the university's departments dealing directly with teachers and students by providing services to researchers in the field of writing research and scientific reports.

 the message

To support the scientific process and serve all researchers and library leaders by providing modern scientific resources and suitable atmosphere for researchers and enable them to reach everything they need in a record time and easily.


Organization of Arabic and English books according to Dewey decimal classification system.
Establishing a modern central library according to international standards.
Providing sources of electronic information as well as paper resources.
Continue to train the staff and staff of libraries in the faculties of the university.

Library achievements and future projects

1 - indexing and classification of modern books

2. Providing scientific resources for researchers.

3 - Enter the data of books and periodicals in the database of the Central Library.

4 - Provide guidance and information to cadres of libraries of colleges.

5- Issuing the library's borrowing card.

6 - Receive (225) thesis and a thesis from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

7- Scientific in Baghdad.

8- Receiving (509) thesis and thesis from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

9. Scientific in the Kurdistan Region.

10- Establishing an independent building for the central library in the future as in other universities

11 - Add new sources and periodicals to the library balance.


Statistics on what is in the library

Number of Arabic books

Number of English books

Number of letters and doctoral dissertations

Number of patrols

Number of laser discs






 People of the Central Library

A. Division of cataloging and classification

B- Beneficiary Services Division

Automated Systems Division