This department is considered one of the most important and modern sections because it cares about quality assurance and academic accreditation through upgrading the university to the ranks of international universities by setting standards on which the university depends on reaching the Arab and international academic accreditation. The department also deals with the academic performance of teachers, University and follow up the improvement of this performance, as well as the support and technical training to upgrade the university to ensure quality and accreditation and consists of three divisions:

1- Quality Assurance Division.

2. Division of University Performance.

3. Technical Support and Training Division.

4. Laboratory Accreditation Division.


Tasks of the people

A. Functions of the Quality Assurance Division:

1 - Achieve the objectives of the University on issues of quality and reliability administratively and academically.

2 - Provide support and advice to the quality and performance units in the faculties in all matters related to quality and reliability.

3- Organizing the department's activities related to the preparation and implementation of plans according to the quality standards.

4 - Approval of the formation of committees related to quality and reliability and follow-up implementation of its work in relation to the functions of the associated bodies and follow up on compliance with the requirements and quality standards.

5 - Establishing scientific and professional relations between the university and other institutions distinguished in the application of quality and reliability.

6 - To do all that ensures the achievement of the objectives and functions of the department to adopt the strategy of continuous improvement and development.

B. Tasks of the Training and Technical Support Division:

1- Spreading a culture of quality in the university and its faculties and departments.

2 - Training courses and development courses for quality workers.
3 - Provide full technical support for the Department of Quality such as computers and networks and linking departments with each other and the establishment of a database of the university and colleges regarding quality and tables of indicators.

4 - Pay attention to all new about quality, such as international conferences in the field of quality and workshops.

C - Functions of the University Performance Assessment Division:

1- Follow up the evaluation of the performance of the higher university leaders and organize them and send them to the ministry's center.

2 - follow up the evaluation of the performance of teachers and staff and organize and send in accordance with special files to the center of the ministry.

3. The Division shall monitor the performance of the University in its scientific, administrative, organizational and basic activities.

4 - Comparison of the activity and performance of the university and all of its different colleges for the current year with previous years.

5 - Facilitate the University's tasks in the adoption of performance standards for teachers in the promotion of career both in academic posts or in other administrative functions within the institution or outside the university.

6. Facilitate the University's tasks in adopting performance standards and for the purpose of trade-offs among employees, whether in their candidacy in obtaining the initial or higher certificate or fellowship, scholarships abroad or for the nomination of administrative positions and participation in scientific conferences and seminars outside of Iraq.

D - Functions of the Laboratory Accreditation Division: -

1. Implement mutual recognition agreements in the areas of national, regional and international accreditation prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

2. Develop and standardize accreditation practices for laboratories and inspection destinations globally.

3. Evaluation and follow-up of accreditation to laboratories, issued by accredited bodies.

4. Preparation of a database for the laboratories of examination and / or calibration working in all university laboratories

(Colleges, centers) for the purpose of determining:

A- The fields in which the laboratories operate and indicating the possibility of their adoption in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025/2005.

(B) the facilities available to it from equipment and equipment used in laboratories;

(C) To determine the efficiency and capacity of laboratory personnel.

5 - To observe the commitment of laboratories to apply Iraqi or international standards such as ISO, ASTM, etc. when conducting tests through special forms for that.

6. Tests that can be adopted through the rehabilitation of some laboratories that have cases of non-conformity can be addressed in a short period of time and inquiries about the fact that this laboratory is certified or not.