Engineering Department


Completion of the new university site in the site of the fisherman in terms of all the buildings of the site with the completion of infrastructure according to plans and designs with the maintenance and maintenance of existing university buildings and the completion of the requirements of scientific laboratories all of the Deanship of colleges and modern machines to upgrade the level of services provided by the university to the community.

the message

Contribute to the preparation of planning plans for the completion of the university buildings in a way that match the buildings of international universities through the use of the latest methods of construction and reconstruction.

Section Objectives

1. Preparation and implementation of projects within the plan.

2 - Selection of the best designs of modern buildings colleges.

3 - The use of international engineering specifications in the implementation of projects.

4 - Training and qualification of engineers with best expertise and engineering specialties all outside and inside the country.

5 - The pursuit of the implementation of the new university site in the fishing within the period.


Tasks Section

1- Preparation of schedules of technical and financial quantities with all their details and with different engineering specialties.

2- Technical and administrative supervision of the projects belonging to the Presidency of the University.

3 - Promotion of advances on work completed and submitted by the committees supervising projects.

4. Preparation of a database of prices of materials used in projects and updating them continuously.

5 - Training of new engineering cadres through their participation in development engineering courses.

6- Participating in the technical and auditing committees that require a statement of engineering and technical opinion on them.

The divisions and functions of the department:

A - Planning and Projects Study Division

The Division consists of the following units:

- The unit of the plan and the feasibility study of the projects.

1- Preparing the technical and economic feasibility of the projects.

2- Preparing and verifying the project forms

3 - Completing the requirements for land preparation and completion of designs.

4 - Preparation of training plans for employees in the department.

5. Prepare a database of devices, equipment, books and magazines.

- The design unit and its functions:

1- Auditing the designs prepared by the consulting offices.

2 - Checking the tables of quantities and prices.

3 - quantitative survey work.

4. Preparation of a database of materials used in projects.

5 - Contribute to solve the problems of implementation in terms of designs and audit plans submitted by the company or contractor

6. Participation in the pricing committees and additional periods.

The Implementation Division and its functions:

1- Supervising the execution of engineering works.

2. Prepare change orders.

3. Recommendation for additional terms.

4 - Preparation of advances for work performed in projects.

5- Organizing the project demonstration and the daily record.

6 - Participation in the committees of receipt and final meat.

(C) Follow-up Division and its functions:

1- Follow up the implementation of projects and technical and financial audit.

2 - Determination of completion rates.

Preparing monthly reports for projects.

4- Evaluating the performance of project workers.

5 - Formation of pricing committees and additional terms.

6 - Formation of committees of receipt and final seeds.