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Government Contracts Division

Vision, mission and goals

 The Division of Government Contracts is one of the important divisions in the university for its leading role in the field of government contracts for tenders and auctions, especially in the field of investment projects, petro dollars, sales, rental and all kinds of contracts. Scope of Contracts The Division aims to fulfill its role in the areas of contracting in all its forms and to seek the development of its legal, engineering and financial cadres in order to overcome all existing negatives and achieve the principle of transparency in work and And the integrity of the application of all laws for the work of the Division and instructions.

The work and duties performed by the Division and by units

1- Follow-up Unit:

Coordination with the Ministry's center and the relevant authorities on the provision of financial allocation for the projects to be implemented.
Follow-up the requirements of preparing the work site or stores required for storage or allocation of land required for the project.
Follow-up legal procedures for land acquisition and allocation procedures in coordination with the Government Contracts Department of the Ministry's Ministers.
Follow up the procedures of implementing the public contracts and the stages of completion and take the necessary legal procedures in the event of violation by the contractor of his contractual obligations and in a manner that guarantees the rights of the university or formation.
Follow up the work of the committees of opening and analysis.
2- The contracting unit shall undertake the following tasks:

Preparing tender documents.
Advertising of tenders.
The preparation of price charts and the determination of the estimated costs of projects and contracts.
Implementation of the referral procedures and the preparation and signing of contracts and in coordination with the Department of Government Contracts at the headquarters of the Ministry.
Coordination with the Government Contracts Department on obtaining approvals for the choice of the method of execution of contracts and obtaining the necessary approvals in this regard and in all matters related to the implementation of government contracts.
Translation of contracts and tender documents.
3 - Archive Unit and undertakes the following tasks:

Keeping correspondence and formal correspondence with this formation and other concerned parties.
Archiving information pertaining to contracting procedures and executing contracts on the computer system.
Implementation of secretarial and divisional management functions.
4- Import unit: handles all import and processing works

5 - Investment Unit: It shall follow up all the subjects related to investment in accordance with the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006.


- The door of the ancient fortress of Kirkuk inscribed with the Holy verse) and tell my Lord Zdni note (bold font Diwani).
- The oil tower symbolizes the extraction of natural wealth (oil) from the ground, which is characterized by the province of Kirkuk.
- The sun signifies the light of science in the city of black gold. - An open and engraved book under the title of the University of Kirkuk, in Arabic and English, the book symbolizes science.
- The university is one of the formations of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and History, which symbolizes the foundation year of the university in 2003 AD (1424 AH).

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